Treatment Model

The Sensum Program

Each path leading to addiction is shaped by the experiences unique to the one who travels it. Recovery has proven to be a process equally personal and the Sensum model truly embraces this. Not only do we deliver treatment to each client, one at a time and very privately, but our therapeutic program was designed to be flexible, increasing the chance of a successful collaboration. 

Understanding what is at the heart of recovery itself enabled us to design an addiction treatment program that can be easily adapted to the individuals needs and responsiveness. Holistic in its approach, we focus on all of the underlying issues known to influence or cause addiction. Our treatment method presents to each client a personalized blend of evidence-based therapies including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Positive Psychology to promote insight and personal growth. In addition, we help achieve biochemical restoration through nutritional changes, supplements and physical therapy to reduce craving and increase an overall sense of well-being. Our one on one, on location addiction treatment model offers the unique opportunity to further enhance each treatment plan where and whenever needed. Local resources and expertise can now be implemented accordingly, helping each client to create a solid and lasting foundation for recovery where it matters most.

A unique feature of the Sensum model is the round the clock presence of an addiction specialist. This in itself can be invaluable to anyone during the early stages of recovery. The constant support and 24/7 timetable promotes a much more intense yet flexible treatment plan, It offers an alternative to anyone looking to initiate or further develop recovery outside of the inpatient treatment centers.

Medical Detox

Detoxification is a common term in addiction treatment. It covers the first stage of someone's recovery in which the body removes the substance from its system. Long-term abuse can lead to a physical dependence or tolerance meaning the central nervous system has adapted to the expected intake of a specific substance. Depending on several factors such as age, the substance and level of abuse, the physical withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification process can potentially be dangerous and even life threatening. When the assessment reveals that medical supervision is needed to help stabilize the body and brain, Sensum can offer each client round the clock support throughout this process and assist where needed to secure a safe transition.

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"At the end of my treatment I had a new found respect for myself. I began a journey, one that I am still on today. My life has a purpose. My life has a meaning. I know who I am today and what I aspire to be tomorrow. There is no going back." - Marvin

"I can not thank you enough for our chats and for introducing me to mindfulness. I am back to being positive, confident and mainly a very happy person enjoying life." - Freddy

"Going into treatment was probably the best decision of my life. It was unbelievably valuable. It gave me new insights about my own personality in relation to my addiction. These days I’m happy, feeling free . . . no longer a slave to my addiction. This was definitely the start of a new life for me." - Becky

"I am still sober and fighting like a brave. 82 days today!" - Brian

"I can sincerely say that without the treatment I received I would no longer be here on this planet. I now have my wonderful life back and I treasure it. These years have been the best years of my life." - James

"I am coming up to one year of sobriety and can say that Hayley was instrumental in helping me achieve the life I am living today. I have had years of therapy from psychologists, counsellors and psychiatrists with not much success in resolving the issues in my life. Through Hayley’s kind but honest and clear approach and suggestions I gained a lot of clarity about my life circumstances. My sessions with her helped me process my issues and make decisions with clarity which to this day I am so glad I made. Hayley also imparted on me strength and hope for a happy future, both of which I had lost before starting treatment. I can honestly say life is wonderful these days due to the care I received.
I had actually booked for four weeks however extended to six weeks in order to continue my therapy with Hayley. I am extremely grateful for the care I received from Hayley and am certain she will be making as great an impact on her future patients." - Aushi

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